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🌟 Stream Smarter, Not Harder: Partner with Us for Success! 🌟


Are you ready to take your streaming experience to the next level? With our Partner Share System and Coupons System, you have the opportunity to not only engage your audience but also reap the rewards of your influence. Here's a quick rundown:




1. As a streamer you have an unique Share Link, which you can use to link players to your account as Referred Accounts.

2. The invited player needs to be logged in the our website, then use your Share Link in order to link himself to you.

3. By linking players to you, you have the opportunity to receive a portion of any donations made by these players to our server.

4. You can request your portion (shares amount) once it accumulates to €20 or higher.




1. As a streamer, you can create a limited number of coupons for your audience. When these coupons are redeemed, users will be rewarded with Credits.

2. In а provided form, you can specify the quantity of coupons to create and the corresponding Credits amounts they will contain.

3. The method of distributing your coupons is entirely at your discretion, whether through streaming games, lotteries, or other means, but it is advisable not to limit their availability to just close friends.



⚠️ Streamers will be featured on our website which will further boost their visibility. 


🚨 Active streamers will be granted credit rewards.



If you have further questions or interest in becoming a partner, feel free to contact us either in Discord or via the Ticketing System in the user area of our website.