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Lotus Mu - Carnage x200

📍 Europe

📆 May 31st, 2024


Why Lotus Mu?


Lotus Mu stands out for its fascinating quest system that progressively challenges players with tougher quests and greater rewards.

The unique pet system allows pets to grow stronger with valuable assets, becoming indispensable companions.

A well-thought-out economy ensuring balanced gameplay, and the best-documented wiki for comprehensive guidance, Lotus Mu promises an unparalleled Mu Online experience. Join us on May 31, 2024, for an adventure that blends dynamic gameplay with an engaging community.





📚 Lotus Mu Wiki


💬 Discord Server


📜 Server Rates


‣ Version: Season 3

‣ Available Character Classes: DK, DW, FE, MG, DL

‣ Experience: x200 [dynamic]

‣ Item Drop: 40%

‣ Max Resets: 100 [40 start]

‣ Reset Level: 400

‣ Keep Stats: No

‣ Quests: 309

‣ Reset points: Dynamic

‣ Reset Zen: 10M x Reset Number

‣ Clear PK Zen: 5M x Kills

‣ Stat Points Per level: BK/SM/ME - 5 MG/DL - 7

‣ Chaos Machine Succes Rates: Normal

‣ Jewels Success Rates: Normal

‣ Monster Spawns: All Maps

‣ Bless Bug: NO

‣ WebShop: NO

‣ OFF Level: NO


🎛️ Gameplay Systems


‣ Dynamic Reset System

‣ Custom Crafting Recipes

‣ Battle Pass 🔥

‣ Enhanced Ancient Sets

‣ Progressive Quest System 🔥

‣ Well thought Economy

‣ Quest Pavilion

‣ Daily Rewards

‣ Evolving Pet System 🔥

‣ Mini Boss and Boss System

‣ Custom crafted Maps 🔥


🕹️ Client Features


‣ 3D Camera

‣ Minimap with Monster Spawns

‣ Mu Helper

‣ Item Bank

‣ Event & Invasion Schedule

‣ Active Invasions Module

‣ Search Party Module

‣ Search Stores Module

‣ Item Glow

‣ Vast array of in-game Commands


🏹 Events


‣ Hall of Fame 🔥

‣ Blood Castle

‣ Devil Sqare

‣ Chaos Castle

‣ Illusion Temple

‣ Yoskreth Lottery

‣ Quiz Event

‣ Yoskreth Drop

‣ King of Yoskreth

‣ Pandora Event

‣ Team Clash 🔥

‣ Castle Deep

‣ Crywolf Event

‣ Castle Siege

‣ ... and many more GM events ...


🐉 Invasions


‣ Red Dragon Invasion

‣ White Wizard Invasion

‣ Zaikan Invasion

‣ Golden Dragon Invasion

‣ Death King Invasion

‣ Golden Great Dragon Invasion

‣ Minotaur

‣ Medusa

‣ Erohim

‣ Kundun


🎫 Battle Pass


The Battle Pass can be found in our website's user area. You can think of it like a mini-quest system with very, very generous rewards, which of course are progressing with the corresponding Battle Pass Level.


Each day you will be presented with a new set of tasks. Keep on mind that you can only pass One level a day, so make sure to keep up!


The Premium Pass offers rewards closely resembling those of the Free Pass, with distinctions between the two seamlessly distributed across various levels.


🔁 Dynamic Reset System


By classifing the reset system as a dynamic one we mean the following:


- Resets capped at the start of the server (10) and increasing throughout the time.

- Experience is slowly decreasing as you progress with resets. We start at x10 EXP and decreasing it to 0.3 at the last (30th) reset.

- Points per reset are also changing - as you progress characters are gaining more and more points.

- There are several milestones where you get extra point per reset. One example is the 5th reset - you get 1000(1200 MG & DL) points instead of the 600(720 MG & DL) that you were previously receiving per reset.

- Once you pass a certain milestone you will start gaining more points every reset.


A detailed overview of the reset system is available at our wikipedia.


🏆 Quest System


We, at Lotus Mu, have created a quest story which will guide you through the secrets of MU. Your part is to take down all the fierce monsters across the continet in exchange for generous rewards - items, quest points or stat points. Since the quest system is progressing, meaning that quests will get harder as you proceed, the rewards are also progressing - the harder the quest, the better rewards will be given to you.


⚔️ Hall of Fame


We are proud to introduce the fully automated Hall of Fame Event. Most of you must be familiar with this type of event - it is a 1 on 1 combat where characters are sorted by their class, meaning that knights will be fighting knights, wizards will be fighting wizards etc.


Do not miss the chance to prove as the best at your class!


✨ Crafting


Most of the crafted recipes in Lotus Mu are slightly modified - mostly adjusted zen so it makes sense in the global economy of the server. However, there are some custom crafting recipes that we have, all of them presented in Lotus Mu Wiki.


🐾 Pets


We have lovely pets and they are growing stronger as you feed them with valuable assets. Make sure to familiarize with them since they will be your most trustworthy companions throghout your journey.


📽 Streamer Partner Program


Join our Streamer Partner Program and unlock exciting opportunities to not only showcase your gaming skills but also earn real money. As a valued member of our streaming community, you'll have the chance to be featured prominently on our website, gaining exposure to a wide audience of fellow gamers. Don't miss out on the chance to turn your passion for streaming into a rewarding endeavor. Contact us today to learn more about this fantastic opportunity!


Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary world.