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I. Server Regulations

  • 1. In order to access and participate in the realm of Lotus Mu, all registered users must fully accept and comply with these regulations. Disagreement with any section of these regulations will result in restricted usage of the site, forum, and game world.
  • 2. The server holds exclusive ownership rights over all accounts, characters, game items, and gameplay actions, which are protected by copyright as intellectual property.
  • 3. Engaging in prohibited activities such as selling virtual items or currencies for real money, as well as any form of character exchange or sale, is strictly forbidden. Violators of this rule will receive warnings or immediate account bans, both for buyers and sellers.
  • 4. The server administration guarantees the security and lifelong ownership of user accounts, achievements, characters, and their accomplishments. Please refer to the regulations and procedures regarding account recovery.
  • 5. The purchase of valuable items from other players is allowed, but it comes with inherent risks.
  • 6. The administration does not tolerate false testimonies or perjury from players. Any player found providing false information will receive warnings or face account and forum access bans.
  • 7. Users are strongly encouraged to report all violations and violators to the administration.

II. Relations with administration

  • 1. Engaging in disrespectful conduct towards the server staff and the server is not allowed.
    Consequence: Account block for a period of 7 days
  • 2. Making threats against the server staff or the server is not allowed.
    Consequence: Account block for a period of 7 days.

III. Taking advantage of vulnerabilities and glitches in the server

  • 1. The act of exploiting glitches or errors within the server or utilizing programs to manipulate game files for personal benefit is strictly forbidden. While modifying game client files to optimize computer performance is allowed, it must not be used to gain an unfair advantage in battles.
    Consequence: An account block ranging from 7 days to a permanent ban.
  • 2. It is mandatory to report any newly discovered bugs to the administration through discord or any other form of communication.
    Consequence: An account block ranging from 7 days to a permanent ban.

IV. Gameplay

  • 1. Inciting ethnic hatred among players is not allowed.
    Consequence: Chat ban or a 7-day block on the account.
  • 2. Engaging in player humiliation, using inappropriate language, or excessively flooding the chat with repetitive messages is prohibited.
    Consequence: Chat ban or blocking of the character and/or account from 24 hours to a permanent block.
  • 3. Bringing up relatives and family members during verbal conflicts is not permitted.
    Consequence: A 3-day chat ban on the account.
  • 4. Advertising other game servers is strictly forbidden.
    Consequence: Account blocking ranging from 30 days to a permanent ban.
  • 5. Interfering with Game Masters during events is prohibited.
    Consequence: An 1-hour account block.
  • 6. Making real-life threats is strictly prohibited.
    Consequence: A 1-day account block.
  • 7. Persistently violating rules with other characters after your main character has been chat banned is not allowed.
    Consequence: A 3-day ban on both the twink and main accounts.
  • 8. Being inactive (including leaving the event in order to give the enemy number advantage) or using dishonest methods in our PvP Events to earn points is prohibited.
    Consequence: A 3-day account block.
  • 9. Participating in the PvP event solely for running without engaging in combat is not allowed. You are required to initiate an attack at least once every 3 seconds or sooner. Providing evidence, such as a screenshot or a video (recommended), is necessary to report such behavior.
    Consequence: A 3-day character block.
  • 10. Stealing event rewards from other players is prohibited.
    Consequence: A 3-day character block.
  • 11. Creating characters with nicknames similar to those used by the administration is prohibited.
    Consequence: Account block until the issue is resolved.
  • 12. Deliberately sabotaging the server and the interests of its players, including provoking players to violate rules and scamming them, is prohibited.
    Consequence: A 7-day account block.
  • 13. Creating fake screenshots, fake videos or intentionally misleading the server administration in any way is strictly forbidden.
    Consequence: A 30-day account block.
  • 14. Using dummy guilds in Castle Siege to manipulate the outcome and prevent opposing sides from changing the result is not allowed.
    Consequence: A 14-day account block for the owners of twink characters.
  • 15. Making explicit agreements between guilds participating in Castle Siege is forbidden.
    Consequence: The victim side takes over the castle ownership.
  • 16. Engaging in stream sniping, which involves harassing players who are broadcasting or disrupting events held on broadcasts, is prohibited.
    Consequence: A 3-day account block.
  • 17. Closing Blood Castle before the 3-minute mark is forbidden.
    Consequence: A 1-day account block on the first violation.

V. Additional notes

  • The duration of punishment increases based on the number of violations for a specific rule paragraph.
  • For instance, the punishment term multiplied by the number of violations.
  • There are instances where Game Masters make decisions based on communication norms and the overall context, rather than solely relying on the established rules.
  • The Administrator reserves the right to extend the ban duration at their discretion by adding additional time.