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Race Rumble Royal! This intense competition challenges players to be the first to achieve an impressive feat: having five different characters, each with 40 resets and level 400, all within a single account in Carnage - x200.


Event Details:

- Objective: Be the first to reach 40 resets and level 400 with five different characters on one account.

- Prize: The winner gets to choose between €100 or 10,000 Web Coins.


How to Participate:

1. Register: Sign up in our website.

2. Level Up: Work on leveling up your characters and resetting them. Remember, you need five different characters (DK, DW, FE, MG, DL) at 40 resets and level 400 each.

3. Submit Proof: Once you have achieved the goal, take a photo of your account showing all five characters. Submit this photo in the special "Race Rumble Royal" channel on the Lotus Mu Discord server.


Race Rumble Royal is not just about speed; it's about strategy, dedication, and mastering the game. Join now and let the race begin!

Good luck, warriors! May the best player win!