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Lotus Mu is rolling out the red carpet for new players with an irresistible offer. Embarking on your journey into the realms of Lotus Mu has never been more rewarding, thanks to a generous experience boost tailored for beginners.


For all of you stepping into Lotus Mu for the first time, the path to greatness is now smoother than ever. With a boost awaiting them upon their initial resets, new players can swiftly ascend through the ranks. The experience boost is distributed as follows:

- 0 ~ 14 Resets - x1000

- 15 ~ 19 Resets - x500

From reset No. 20 onwards, the experience is set according to the EXP Table


However, as the dust settles and new adventurers find their footing in the world of Lotus Mu, the challenges ahead will return to their normal difficulty. The experience boosts serve as a gentle nudge, providing a head start to new players as they immerse themselves in the epic saga that unfolds within the game.