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We are thrilled to announce the opening of Lotus Mu - Carnage x50 game server. The doors will be open to players on December 15th. Some of you are already familiar with our server but we want to make a brief introduction to all newcomers. So ...


📜 Server Rates

‣ Version: Season 3 - Modified
‣ Available Character Classes: DK, DW, FE, MG, DL
‣ Experience: x50(will gradually decrease)
‣ Item Drop: 40%
‣ Max Resets: 40 (will gradually increase)
‣ Reset Level: 400
‣ Keep Stats: No
‣ Reset points: Dynamic (check in wiki)
‣ Reset Zen: 5M x Reset Number
‣ Clear PK Zen: 5M x Kills
‣ Stat Points Per level: BK/SM/ME - 5 MG/DL - 7
‣ Chaos Machine Succes Rates: Normal
‣ Jewels Success Rates: Normal
‣ Monster Spawns: All Maps
‣ Bless Bug: NO
‣ WebShop: NO

🎛️ Gameplay Systems

‣ No Wipes
‣ Dynamic Reset System
‣ Combo System for all Classes
‣ Progressive Quest System
‣ Quest Pavilion
‣ Daily Rewards
‣ Custom Tier 2 Pets
‣ Unique Skin System
‣ Mini Boss and Boss System
‣ Custom crafted Maps

🕹️ Client Features

‣ 3D Camera
‣ Minimap with Monster Spawns
‣ Mu Helper
‣ Item Bank
‣ Event & Invasion Schedule
‣ Active Invasions
‣ Search Party Module
‣ Search Stores Module
‣ Vast array of in-game Commands

🏹 Events

‣ Blood Castle
‣ Devil Sqare
‣ Chaos Castle
‣ Illusion Temple
‣ Yoskreth Lottery
‣ Quiz Event
‣ Yoskreth Drop
‣ King of Yoskreth
‣ Team Clash
‣ Specialists Combat
‣ Pandora Event
‣ Castle Deep
‣ Crywolf Event
‣ Mu Mayhem
‣ Knights Mayhem
‣ Wizards Mayhem
‣ Elves Mayhem
‣ Gladiators Mayhem
‣ Lords Mayhem
‣ ... and more...

🐉 Invasions

‣ Death King Invasion
‣ Red Dragon Invasion
‣ Golden Dragon Invasion
‣ White Wizard Invasion
‣ Zaikan Invasion
‣ Golden Great Dragon Invasion
‣ Minotaur
‣ Medusa
‣ Erohim
‣ Kundun


The Bible (Lotus Mu Wiki).

We strongly encourage everyone of you to checkout our Wiki - - it is one of a kind comprehensive documentation wikipedia in the Mu Online World. I bet that on every question (in regards to the gameplay) you have there is an answer waiting for you in the Wiki.


No character Wipes.

Our philosophy is to never wipe out character progress. At a certain point in time we plan to have multiple servers in Lotus Mu that we will be able to merge with one another. This means that you character from Yoskreth x1000 will move into another Lotus Mu Server (x50 for example).


Off Level ... wait, WHAT?

Off Level - one of the dumbest things invented in Mu Online. No, it is not present in Lotus Mu, will never be. We do have the Mu Helper which is good enough assistant to help you while busy. However our economy is structured in a way that AFK players will not thrive for long period of times, you can be sure about that.

However we do have the OFFSTORE functionality so you can sell your items easily (we have search stores as well - you can check all open stores while leveling your character).


Pets? Mounts? Get them all!

We all know the pets in Mu Online - the Imp, the Guardian Angel, the Dark Horse, the Fenrirs and the list goes on. While they are good, we decided to introduce three new pets which are indeed gamechangers - Necromancer, Spirit of Nature, Ghost Horse. Each of them with their advantages and disadvantages. More information about them? We got you - Lotus Mu Wiki.


They are all nice and cool but you know what .. with time they get boring as well. So we decided, why don't we think of a way to personalize these pets and turn them into unique companinions. And here we are - The Prismatic Gems are at the tip of hands. By using them, you can make your Necromancer look like Fenrir or like the Darkhorse, and even more in the future. You can check all of the available pet skins in .. you guessed it - the Lotus Mu Wiki.


Farm, farm, farm, farm...

We made not one, not two, not three but FOUR Custom Maps, specifically designed for farming. These are namely - Ashkavor, Ultoria, El'Harath and Icewrack. In all of them you will find a vast array of monsters - both regular and special. The regular monster are not that interesting, if not part of your quest, which we will discuss in a little bit, but the Special Monsters - we talk business here. You can farm a lot of things by them and I mean A LOT. The majority of the Zen (which you will need a ton of) you can aqcuire in the long run is indeed in these four maps.


And once again - take a look at the Lotus Mu Wiki for more information :)



As you first login into Lotus Mu, you will have your very first quest active - Kill 5 Spiders. Easy. The next one - Kill 5 Budge Dragons. Eaaaasy. But beware - the rewards the quests keep are getting better, and better and better. So is their difficulty.


However we made sure that you will never be bored by doing a quest - so make sure you keep up. Questing is vital to your progression in Lotus Mu.


The Castle Siege Warfare.

As some of you may already know we announced a €1,000 Prize Pool for Castle Siege. This Prize Pool will be distributed to the Castle Siege Winners for a period of 10 weeks - 5000 Credits for the Winning Guild.


The Castle Siege, as many of you know, gives a lot of resources to the Guild that holds it. So it might be a good idea to be well organized and prepared guild for the First Instance of Castle Siege Warfare, which will take place one month after our official launch, so make sure to set your timers.


Free Pizza?

No, we are not an italian restaurant after all. But we have free credits, free skins and many more! We are making regular giveaways in our Discord Server, so make sure to hop there too.


Let's spread the word about Lotus Mu, as we all know - the more, the marrier!


Thank you!

Well, I guess I can put and end to this "short article". Thanks for your time and hope you see you in Friday (December 15th, 19:00 GMT +2).


Best Regards,

Lotus Mu Team