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Today's patch - the 2.00 gameplay update, is a major update for Lotus Mu. With it we will shut down both of our servers and give life to a new, polished one - Yoskreth - x10. It will open doors on 16-02-2024.


With this update we are proud to present to you our new event - The Hall of Fame - an exciting opportunity for warriors to showcase their combat skills in a 1v1 combat while sorted by their character class. You can learn more in our wiki.


We decided to add an entry limit for the Blood Castle and Devil Square events - you can now enter up to 3 times a day.


While we are talking for events the following are now removed:


- Team Clash

- Mayhem

- Specialists' Combat

- Imperial Guardian

- Doppelganger


We felt that our quest system was quite underwhelming, so we decided to make it more intriguing to our players. How, one might ask ... well quest will now reward Stat Points as well (kept when resetting) in addition to all other changes. We are about to post a detailed list of quest in our wikipedia soon.


Our beloved friend - the Chaos Goblin worked hard as well. He prepared some spicy crafting recipes - you can now craft Condor Flame and 4th Level Wings.


Our lovely pets and their cosmetics also got reworked - skins are no longer part of Lotus Mu, but the pets are now evolving (the Chaos Goblin helped us here too). As always you can head to our wikipedia for more details.


And last but not least we made some changes to some of our item bags, boss monster rewards. Our in-game worlds did not stay untouched - we removed Ultoria and El'Harath as well.


For full details head over to the 2.00 Gameplay Update.


As one can see, we are aiming for a clean gameplay - whatever feels buggy and is not fixable or not being of interest of our players is being removed or totally reworked.

We, the Lotus Mu Team, want to bring you guys the best possible experience and that is not possible without your support and guidance.



A heartfelt expression of gratitude to each and every one of you. Thank you guys!