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Patch Notes

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2.00 Gameplay Update



New event Hall of Fame - details.

Blood Castle & Devil Square entry limit set to 3 (4 for VIPs).

Team Clash Event - removed.

Mayhem Event - removed.

Specialists' Combat - removed.

Imperial Guardian - removed.

Doppelganger - removed.



Quest System


Quest System reworked. Now also gives Stat Points as a reward - details.





Condor Flame can be now crafted - details.

4th Level Wings can be now crafted - details.



Pet System


Skin System - removed.

Pets are now evolving - details.



Item bags


Green Chaos Box - removed

Golden Box - now drops 3 random (prev. 5) item bags - Green Ribbon Box, Blue Ribbon Box, Blue Chocolate Box.





Medusa & Balgass drop changed to Blue Ribbon Box.

Kundun & Selupan drop changed to Golden Boxes (x3).

Monster Spawns adjusted in every map.





Event & Boss Timers slightly adjusted as per the following table:





Farm maps - El'Harath and Ultoria removed.





The followings commands were added for our VIP Players:


/pkclear - costs 10kk despite the number kills your character has.

/readd - re-assign your points. No cost.

/wh - open your warehouse anywhere in a safe zone.

Posted 04/02/2024