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1.05 Gameplay Update

Christmas event


🎄✨ Dive into the festive magic at Lotus Mu's Winter Wonderland! Unwrap daily surprises as our gift to you – because nothing says joy like free treasures under the Christmas tree. It's the season for epic adventures and daily doses of holiday cheer! 🎁🎅


For more details on the event itself please read the following article.



Lucky Wheel


Lucky Wheel is now removed.



Cash Shop


The Cash Shop has two new Sections. Event Points and Quest Points can be now spent for various consumables.





- Chaos combination for 3rd Level Wings now has a 60% success rate (prev. 40%).

- Chaos combination for Condor Feather now has a 70% success rate (prev. 60%).



Jewel of Luck


Jewel of Luck now has a 100% success rate.



Balance Changes


- All class Combo - removed. Combo remains unique to the Knights' class.

- PvP damage adjusted between characters of different classes.

- PvP damage during Castle Siege reduces to 80%.

- PvE damage adjusted in a way that all classes have similar damage output (DPS - Damage Per Second).



3D Camera


Additional 3D camera was added that enables you to zoom out even more.

To activate it press F10 and F11 to reset the view.


You can either use this new function or the legacy 3D Camera (activated from minimap UI).





Several small bugs were fixed along the way.

Posted 13/12/2023