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Patch Notes

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1.04 Gameplay Update

The Dragon Skin Collection


New Tier 2 Pets skins:


- Ice Dragon [Common]

- Ice Red Dragon [Uncommon]

- White Dragon [Rare]

- Red Dragon [Rare]

- Green Dragon [Mythical]

- Purple Dragon [Mythical]

- Steel Dragon [Legendary]


You can check all of them in the following article.



Brand new top-tier weapons


- Voidreign Sword [One-handed for Knights]

- Tyrant Axe [Two-handed for Knights]

- Ethereon Staff [One-handed for Wizards and Gladiators]

- Nebula Bow [Elves]

- Luna Gun [Elves]

- Oblivion Sword [One-handed for Gladiators]

- Aether Scepter [Lords]


These weapons are available in both the Blue Ribbon Box and the Green Chaos Box. Check them out in our Wiki.



Balance Changes


- Dark Raven's PvE Damage increased.

- Sword Dancer is now One-handed weapon.

- Explosion Blade is now One-handed weapon.

- Rune Bastard Sword damage increased (to be aligned with all gladiator weapons).

- Elves attack speed adjusted to fix bug on skills.



Castle Siege


First Castle Siege cycle will start on Monday 13-10-2023. After the battle max resets will be raised with 10.


Posted 10/11/2023