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Patch Notes

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1.06 Gameplay Update

Blood Castle


Gate / Statue HP increased x10 in all BC levels.



Imperial Guardian


Event time reduced to 5 minutes (prev. 10 minutes).



Santa's Village Event


Event cancelled. Will return in December 2024.



The Citadel


We have a new map - The Citadel. You can go there by using the Move Menu or by typing /move citadel. The area is PK Free.



Boss Locations


The following bosses are now spawning in The Citadel:


- The Death King

- The Minotaur

- Erohim

- Kundun

- Medusa





The Pandora Event is now held at The Citadel.



Maximum Resets


- Raised to 50 in Carnage - x50.

- Raised to 100 in Yoskreth - x1000. (will be raised later today)



Item Workshop


You now have the option to upgrade items in the website (located under Premium Options) via the Item Workshop.


Available options are:


- Damage Decrease +4% - for Sets, Shields and Rings

- Excellent Damage Rate +10% - for Weapons and Pendants

- Luck

- Item Level upgrade



Balance Changes


- Ice Arrow duration reduced to 5s (prev. 10s).


Posted 08/01/2024