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YOSKRETHServer Statistics

YoskrethServer Statistics
Total Accounts 148
Total Characters 52
Total Guilds 9
Total Gms 4
Total Online 1
Active In 24 Hours 2

YoskrethServer Market Statistics
Total Items 8
Active Items 0
Expired Items 8
Total Sold 7
Total Sales ForCoins 14913
Total Sales ForGold Credits 0
Total Sales ForZen 2.8 KKK

CryWolf Info
Status Of The Fortress Not Protected

Castle Siege Info
Owner Guild Kyyp
State Truce Period
Money 2 KKKZen
tax_chaos 3%
Tax Store 3%
Tax Hunt Zone 300000Zen

# Guild Master Reg Marks
1 Teste3 LuisADM 0